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How To Make Basic Overnight Oats

It is fairly similar with making the famous Swiss cold breakfast dish “Muesli” or “Bircher Muesli”; A Swiss German moniker that was derived from the name of its discoverer, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss physician in 1900, and the Alemannic diminutive “Mues” which means “puree” or “mash-up”. Indeed, the meal is a mixture of an assortment of ingredients particularly oats, grains, nuts, seeds, fresh or dried fruits, milk, & yogurt. It is refrigerated overnight to soften the oats and commonly served as a cold breakfast.

Overnight oats are not only easy to prepare but also offer a great deal of health benefits:

  • Rich in antioxidants and dietary fibre that lowers cholesterol and absorption of sugar;
  • Soaking oats decreases the amount of the antinutrient “Phytic Acid” that is responsible of impairing mineral absorption;
  • Regulates appetite as a result of feeling full, thus, eating overnight oats is good in controlling your weight.

This menu is best for those who are striving to have a healthier lifestyle, at the same time, won’t compromise a delightful meal in their mornings. 

Let’s begin…


Rolled oats (regular or old-fashioned oats) are oat goats that have been steamed and rolled into flakes, thus, more thicker so less likely to be mushy when soaked compared to instant oats. Oats are known to curb bad cholesterol, rich in protein, fiber, & antioxidants; It aids digestion, weight loss, lower blood pressure, reducing sugar level  and the likelihood of heart diseases. The top 2 brands are:

GF Harvest Organic Rolled Oats (41oz)

Gluten Free / Certified Non-GMO / 100% Whole Grain / Certified Organic by OneCert / Kosher Certified / Recommended for those diagnosed with Celiac

Quaker Old Fashioned Oats (24oz)

Non-GMO Project Verified / Resealable Pack / 100% Whole Grain / USDA Certified Organic / No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives / Sodium Free


Choice of milk really depends on your diet, what’s important is the amount of calcium you can gain from it. According to experts, your milk should contain 100 mg for every 100 ml of milk. Here are the different kinds of milk to consider in making overnight oats:


REGULAR MILK (with lactose)


Low in calorie & fat (less than .5%)

High in Calcium & Protein


Low in fat (1%)

High in sugar 



High in Protein & Calcium

Low in fat

Cholesterol free


High in Vitamin E & sugar

Low in fat & protein


A spoonful of Chia seeds is common in making basic overnight oats. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber that makes you feel full easily, antioxidants, iron, phosphorus, & calcium. It’s linked to aid digestion, reduce obesity, diabetes, blood pressure & cholesterol levels. Other alternatives are hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, or flax seeds. Below are some suggested brands:

Nutiva Organic Black Chia Seeds 32oz

Gluten & Hexane Free / Certified Organic / Non-GMO / Fair Trade Certification

Navitas Organics Chia Seeds 16oz

USDA Certified Organic / Kosher Certified / Non-GMO / Vegan / Gluten Free

Viva Naturals Chia Seeds 907g

USDA Certified Organic / Non-GMO / Vegan / Gluten Free


To boost  texture and flavor on your overnight oats, add your favorite dried fruits like dried cherries & almonds (yes, almonds aren’t actually nuts but are seeds of a drupe). 

Cherries and berries are a good source of copper, Vitamins A & C, antioxidants, fiber, & anthocyanin that is scientifically linked to enhance one’s memory. Also, both fruits help boost collagen production, lower cholesterol level, improve sleep, and fight against colon cancer. Here are the top two brands:

Gerbs Dried Cherries & Blueberries Mix 32oz

Packed using an allergen free equipment / Non-GMO /No chemicals, preservatives, gluten, peanut, tree-nut, wheat, soy, dairy, cholesterol, sulphur dioxide / Vegan & Kosher

Ocean Spray Craisins Dried Cranberries 64oz

Gluten Free / Resealable Bag

And contrary to the trivial belief that almonds are nuts… Well, it is actually a seed of a drupe from the almond tree. It physically looks like a nut, but botanically speaking it’s not. Regardless, almonds contain an abundance of nutrients particularly magnesium that regulates blood sugar, manganese which normalise bone structure, antioxidants, Vitamin E & B2, copper, protein, and fiber that contributes to the feeling of fullness which prevents superfluous cravings and improve gastrointestinal health.

Blue Diamond Lightly Salted Almonds 40oz

Low Sodium / Zero Trans-fat / Cholesterol Free

Food to Live Raw Almonds 8oz

Vegan / Non-GMO

Happy Belly Roasted & Salted Almonds

California Select Sheller Run Grade Almonds / Resealable Bags


Yogurt is milk fermented with bacterial culture; During the fermentation, lactose found in milk is converted to lactic acid that makes the familiar sour flavor. But what type of yogurt is best? All yogurts contain the “friendly bacteria” or we commonly hear as “probiotics” but it’s recommended to choose the plain and unsweetened in making overnight oats.

Regular Yogurt (with dairy)


Low in calories

High in sugar



Low in fat, calcium. and protein


Made by straining liquid which makes it thick and creamier

High in Protein

Low in Calcium & Lactose

Dairy-Free Yogurt


Low in saturated fat


Low in protein & fat


  1. There’s another way to make your preparation quicker, use one granola mix instead of mixing multiple additives. Following this may strip you of controlling the quantitative value of each ingredient, but if you don’t mind then this would be a keen advise. Here are some varieties you can choose from:

Julian Bakery Pro-Granola Vanilla Cinnamon Cluster 19.5oz 

Free of Gluten, Soy, & Grain / Paleo & Keto Friendly / Non-GMO / No Preservatives, Artificial Colors, & Flavorings

Kitchflix Grain-Free Granola Original Mix 10oz

Free of Gluten, Grain, & Preservatives / Non-GMO / Paleo Friendly

Wildway Granola

Free of Grain, Gluten, Sweeteners / Vegan & Paleo Friendly / Non-GMO /  Flavors: Banana Nut, Coconut Cashew & Apple Cinnamon

2. An important caveat: “Always follow the 2:1 ratio when making your overnight oats”; It refers to the proportion of milk over your rolled oats, to avoid the fiasco of making it too mushy.

3. Just like any other recipe, a pinch of salt may help add flavour to your oatmeal. Again, it’s according to your preference, if you want it sweeter then you may use the suggestions found in Step 3.

4. To maintain the freshness and taste of your overnight oats, it is advised to refrigerate and consume it within twenty-four hours.

5. It was mentioned earlier that generally overnight oats are served cold, but it can be consumed in hot plate too! Just microwave your overnight oats for 2 -3 minutes, then eat hearty.

6. Overnight oats can be eaten not just in breakfast, also in any part of the day, may it be your lunch, dinner, or pick-me-up snack.

7. Add glee and personal impression in devouring your overnight oats by using your favorite bowl or mason jar, plus putting your chosen fresh fruits on the top will make it more delectable!

Like this one below… Yum!

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