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Quinoa Rice Benefits for a Non-Diet Diet

One of the most known superfoods of all time…

Quinoa offers different nutrition such as high amounts of fiber and protein. The super grain dates back from three to four thousand years ago. It was first domesticated in South America and the Incas believe it increased the stamina of their warriors and thus, dubbed as the “Gold of the Incas.” It’s the best, if not perfect, alternative to carbs (having the goodness of rice without the guilt!)

Unlike most plant-based food, Quinoa is considered a complete source of essential amino acids. Plus, a good supply for B vitamins and antioxidants. It is a good substitute for people who want to start eating healthy but don’t know where to start, for people who want to incorporate healthy alternatives to their daily meal plan, or to some of us who just want to eat healthy without the pressure of fad diets. 

Quinoa is...

Good Source of Protein

Quinoa has higher protein content than other whole grains at the same time containing a number of essential amino acids.

Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly

A great dietary choice for vegans and vegetarians!

Gluten Free

Good substitute for people that has gluten intolerance. It can be used as an alternative to people who likes bread, pasta and other food pieces that normally contains gluten.

High in Fiber

Quinoa has a higher source of fiber compared to other grains.

Rich in Anti Oxidants

Quinoa is also rich in antioxidants, particularly Quercetin and Kaempferol. These flavonoids are thought to protect against a range of chronic diseases including cancer. It also manages your potassium levels, which has a potential protective effect against kidney stones.

Weight Management

Substituting quinoa to your regular carbohydrate source can be a healthy choice even if it’s known to have more carbohydrates, as it has a higher ration of protein carbs and fiber. It helps you feel fuller to potentially reduce your overall food intake, reduces blood sugar level, lowers cholesterol, and aids in weight management.

Quinoa is not...


Again, Quinoa has a higher ration of protein carbs than other whole grains. Hence, people who are into or staying in ketosis should skip it, but favorable to those who simply want to cut back on carbs.

The bottomline is… Quinoa, with all its fiber, minerals, and essential nutrients, is probably one of the healthiest and most guilt-free food on the planet. It’s versatile and quite easy to prepare, making your diet switch a breeze.

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