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Staple Ingredients for your Organic Hair Treatment

Homemade hair treatments are more accessible and definitely affordable compared to scheduling an appointment in beauty salons that will pretty much cost you a hundred dollars or so. Organic products are safe remedies for your hair problems. The following staple ingredients are commonly found in your household, it can be used exclusively or combination of other items on the list.

Coconut Oil or "Copra Oil"

By pressing the edible white meat of a coconut, you can produce an amount of oil. It’s certainly rich in antioxidants and is perfect for lubricating your frizzy hair. The coconut oil can also reduce hair breakage. Although, too much of it will cause the hair to be greasy, especially for those who have fine strands. Virgin Coconut Oil can likewise be used, though the ‘label’ concerns more of the taste rather than what it does to your hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Basically, it is made of fermented apple juice where the bacteria turns the alcohol to Acetic Acid.  Some call it the “vinegar rinse”, you can simply dilute it with water then carefully massage it on your hair. It is safe and recommended to do the rinse once a week. Further, the ingredient is anti-inflammatory that soothes itchiness on scalp and treats dandruff. Apple cider vinegar is  also known to protect hair color.

Egg Whites

Sometimes called the “Egg Wash”, it nourishes your hair with amino acids. Egg whites are famous being powerhouses of protein which prevents split ends and causes your hair cuticle to become smoother. It also strengthens the strands and makes it more shiny. There are various ways to separate the whites from the yolk such as using it by cupping your hand or the eggshell method (see photo below).

Lemon Juice

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, if applied on hair it naturally lightens the color. It can also eliminate dirt and reduce oil on scalp, which alleviates dandruff. Few studies say that lemon juice is an antidote against hair loss. Be careful though, certain people can easily get skin irritation from the juice because of its acidity, you can do a patch test before using it. Also, some users apply the ingredient with a mixture of water.

Raw Honey

It is the only food in the world that does not spoil. Yes, you read it right. Not only it is timeless, but it’s perfect for hair treatment. It stimulates hair growth, prevents hair breakage, a good source of moisture, and a panacea against dandruff. Honey is safe to be used in any amount, it contains glucose, iron, calcium, phosphate, and a lot more. It is known to be an antiseptic too!


Guacamole! The amazing fruit for salad, smoothies, and sandwiches that is very low in sugar and high in good fat to fight the bad cholesterol, can also be used to manage dry and damaged hair. It contains vitamins B & E, and biotin to fight dandruff and vitalize hair growth. Avocado helps conditions the strands to make the hair shinier. And among other fruits, it uniquely contains oil.

Aloe Vera

A succulent plant that can be an ornament in your home as well as a cure for burns and skin wounds. Hurrah! Its cooling effect can also be good for the itchy scalp and dull hair. The gel-like substance from the plant cleanses the dirt and oil accumulated in your hair everyday. It also stimulates blood flow thus boosts hair growth. Although any unused aloe vera should be properly kept in the fridge to maintain freshness. (Also read Best Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Sets)

Do you have anything else to add in the list? We would love to hear your suggestions or personal hair treatment recipes! You can email us directly or leave a comment below : )

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