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What is Plogging? The Eco-Friendly Fitness Craze

PLOGGING may sound arduous, but it is just actually running at the same time picking up rubbish along the way. The term was derived from “jogging” and “Plocka Upp”, a Swedish word that means pick up. The trend started in Stockholm, Sweden last 2016 when Erik Ahlström became frustrated on the amount of trash he sees while biking to his workplace everyday. Undeniably, thousands of junk are improperly disposed around the world, it can be in your neighbour’s front yard, public parks, train stations, even in the ocean or up to the peak of Mt. Everest (read more: Mount Everest base camp in Tibet closed by China to tourists over rubbish).


Ahlström used his experience to integrate cleaning the environment into his running habit. Afterwhile, people started to join him in his project that became popular in European countries then eventually spread to U.S. and Asia. He authored the site “Plogga”, a platform to organize related events that has lead the creation of other social networks particularly:


Plogging burns more calories than ordinary jogging, it involves diverse body movements like running, hiking, walking, bending, and stretching. It is identical to a fartlek run or “speed play” in Swedish, an intermix of fast and slow paced jogs. People can dash in speed then break for a slow jog to pick up litter, then dart again until in sight of another garbage. Furthermore, it doesn’t require too much intensity so people in all ages and gender can participate, with a group or solo, and it is a low-budget workout too.


It has reached its influence globally, particularly the…

Trash Running China in Shanghai

 Superhero Runners in Singapore

Plogging Seoul

Plogging Finland

Plogging Malaysia

Brasil Plogging

Ploggers of India

Chicago Picker

Bali Plogging and

Eco Runners Mex in Mexico

They all have assorted names but they pursue one common goal, that is upgrading their health while preserving the environment’s cleanliness.


Plogging is a recreational activity that raises awareness on two matters: (1) the prevailing lack of discipline on waste disposal and (2) how ordinary communities can unitedly address this endeavour. As a matter of fact, the fitness fad was just initiated by a single employee, imagine the plethora of solutions that can be achieved when more people cooperate. Thus, it’s a great value that it became a hub for environmental enthusiasts and health junkies or even those who just started to be conscious of their well-being; It bolsters a sense of belongingness in the community. Plogging is an embodiment that promoting one’s health can be done simultaneously with protecting the earth.

Oops! Just an advice:

  1. Don’t get caught up with the hashtag and brag posts on social media;
  2. Instead, be driven by passion and sense of responsibility that health is not the only wealth, but so as our planet.

Inspired to try it now? You can start on your own or try searching plogging groups in your area, then share to us your experience.

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